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Friday Nights at the Center


Friday evenings at the South Bay LGBT Center, 7:00 - 9:45 pm. The Center is open for your use and enjoyment. On the 1st and 2nd Fridays, come by and pick up publications, join in conversations about a variety of topics or hang out in a safe place; play games - there are several games at the Center, or people can bring their own table or board games.

Join us every 3rd Friday for our Open House and Potluck.

Every 4th Friday is Movie Night.

For a small donation, participants can enjoy coffee, tea, sodas, water and sometimes desserts.  For questions, leave a message at (310) 328-6550.  For more information, send email to The Board or leave a message at (310) 328-6550. Check the Calendar for updates and details.

Women's Group


The Women's Group currently meets every Monday at 6pm.(except holidays)This group is for all women - lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allies. This group provides a fun, safe and inviting environment for women to meet other women and enjoy stimulating conversations. This group discusses current events, hosts Movie Nights and takes part in dining events. There is always an open discussion forum where women are able to share ideas and topics that are on their minds. All interested women are welcome send email to Women's Group or leave a message for the women's group at (310) 328-6550.  Check the Calendar for updates and details.

Transgender Social Support Group


The South Bay LGBT Center Transgender Social Support Group is currently looking for leadership. If you are interested, please contact us at, or leave a message at (310) 328-6550. This group is for transgender people at all stages and gender variance, for those questioning their gender identity who need someone to talk to, friends and family members of transgender people or for anyone who is looking to be supportive and learn more about the transgender community.

This is not a dating, romance or singles group. It is a place at the Center to discuss issues in a safe, welcoming atmosphere of inclusion that can extend beyond the support group hours for social gatherings.   For more information, call (310) 328-6550 or find us on Facebook

Men's Group


The South Bay LGBT Center Men's Group is currently looking for leadership. If you are interested, please contact us at, or leave a message for Men's Group interest at (310) 328-6550 or Men's Group.  This group is intended to provide a safe and welcoming environment for gay men to meet, socialize, build friendships, and support the Center.     

South Bay LGBT Center Youth Group


This group is a social network of LGBT youth, ages 16-30 with a supportive, fun respectful environment that promotes the development of community & personal identity, pride & queer culture knowledge. Meeting to socialize, plan upcoming events, movie nights and outings.

Come and join this support group for the South Bay and neighboring areas in a safe and welcoming environment to meet, socialize build friendships and support the LGBT Center. Meets every Thursday from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Check the Calendar for updates and details
Leave a message for Alphonzo at 310-328-6550; E-mail:; or find us on Facebook


Tell Us What Would You Like To Do

Have you ever wondered if there is someone else who is looking for others who are interested in doing some of the things you like to do?  In recent conversations, we have become aware of GLBT people who are interested in the following activities: hiking where you can take your dog, beach volleyball, and soccer. Interested in one of these activities? Something else you would like to do? Please send in your area of interest and your contact information to the Volunteer Coordinator. We will accumulate the information and put people who share similar interests in touch with each other. This is an easy way to get involved in your Center.

A piece of history: Are you aware that people coming together through shared interests is how the South Bay Center got its start? At a women‚≥†tea hosted by a lesbian couple, suggestion/sign up sheets were made available, like the idea mentioned above.  If someone took the ball and ran with it, the idea was implemented. The question was asked if there were others who would be interested in starting something in the South Bay. Ten women signed the interest sheet, and the seed was planted for what is now the  South Bay Center. See what getting a few people together with similar interests and goals can create.